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Code Complete, Second Edition
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Here's what people are saying about Code Complete, Second Edition...

 arrow  Mike Riley, asp.netPRO, "Every page offers pragmatic insight gained through years of effective coding experience and continues to be the principal handbook of software construction success for its practitioners. Project leaders should read this book cover to cover, and then purchase a copy for each of their direct reports."

 arrow  Pan Pantziarka, Tech Book Report, "Steve McConnell's 'Code Complete' is fairly unique, and the first edition was justly acclaimed as a classic. Now with a new--expanded and extensively rewritten--second edition that classic status is confirmed.... There is so much more good solid material in the book that it's difficult to do justice to it in a single review. This is a book that anyone who wants to improve as a developer should read. We can't recommend it enough."

 arrow  Sam Gentile, Blog, "I dare say it's even better than the first. Updated to use 'modern languages' like C++ and Java, it's absolutely the definitive book on software construction.... There are still things for me to learn reading this. Highest recommendation!"

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